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Rob Brown: Learning to Love his Trumpet

Like Wendell Pierce, Rob Brown is forced to act with a horn on Treme. Delmond Lambreaux is a jazz trumpeter; Brown isn’t. Like Pierce, he’s forced to look convincing as […]

Jazz Fest Day 4: Too Much Bliss?

A beautiful day with such good vibes that everybody, bands included, seemed a little blissed out. Do we need a little threatening weather or oppressive heat to generate some urgency? […]

Behind Treme’s Hard Season Opener

[Spoiler alert] As we learned late in season one of Treme, obsessing over the raw factuality of the show is dangerous. The clues were there as to what Creighton Bernette’s […]

Jazz Wars: Pt. IV – Let’s Do it Again

In a YouTube video that’s obviously at least partially tongue-in-cheek, Jason Marsalis warns against the crop of young jazz musicians that he dubs “Jazz Nerds International”: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HN5xyZvMjJc[/youtube] Not surprisingly, he […]