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Educate Yourself Before You Vote

Please carefully consider the qualifications and direct experience of all the candidates before you vote this Saturday. This issue of OffBeat’s Weekly Beat has links to pertinent questions asked to […]

K-Doe and the Golden Rule

I miss K-Doe, I really do. I really miss Antoinette. I always had such admiration for her. She took Ernie, lifted him up, straightened him out and made him a […]

Bring the Noise

In the wake of the bust of Bacchanal, supporters of live music in the city have portrayed government as being anti-live music. I don’t think that’s true in the sense […]

Weasel Words

  On Sunday, The Times-Picayune reported on City Council’s rejection of two proposed art installations in the French Quarter. The council backed the decisions of the Vieux Carre Commission and […]