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A Test of Limits

It started beautifully. I sat down at a judges’ table at Hogs for the Cause on Saturday and had a rib in my hand in moments. I discovered that it […]

Burn, Brûlée, Burn!

The best brûlée in town is definitely at Café Degas, but between visits, it’s nice to know that there is temporary relief, such as crème brûlée pie. The pie route is […]


On our way up First Street the weekend before Mardi Gras, we ran into chickens promenading around a Garden District mansion. Today, I spotted chickens on Louisiana about a block […]

Mama Maseca II

Tamale perfection not yet achieved. Okay, I messed up. Mixing the masa with lukewarm water doesn’t cut it (duh). The liquid has to go in hot, and broth tends to be […]