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Corey Harris, Fulton Blues (Njumba Records)

Although Corey Harris made his name as a Delta blues player that is not nearly the end of his talents. He has a well-deserved reputation for performing many different genres from the West African tones of From Mississippi To Mali to the reggae of Zion Crossroads. Buy on AmazonBuy on iTunesHere he spices his intricate [...]

Taking Back the Banjo

If there was a moment where the banjo was branded with a stereotype, it would have to be when Burt Reynolds and Jon Voight went on a canoe trip down the Cahulawassee River in the film Deliverance. Years later, the banjo cannot entirely shake the associations, so it’s thought of first and foremost as a [...]

Corey Harris, Zion Crossroads (Telarc Records)

Born-again Rastas are like any other kind of born-agains; they’re inclined to go a little overboard when stating their newfound faith. That’s one possible explanation for Corey Harris’ incredibly earnest dive into roots reggae. Another is that Harris has simply absorbed another style of music, done it with understanding and respect, but forgot to throw [...]

Goodbye to Corey Harris; Welcome back for Bryan Lee; Mem does Muddy

Since moving to New Orleans in 1992, acoustic bluesman and Colorado native Corey Harris has gone from street-singing in Jackson Square to opening shows for B.B. King, Natalie Merchant and The Dave Matthews Band. His intimate and stirring shows at the Mermaid Lounge, the Maple Leaf and the Funky Butt are always memorable; Harris generously [...]