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Fix It Please

Last week the most current Director of the City’s Cultural Economy Office, musician and academician Dr. Brice Miller, was let go. He lasted three months. In the time he served, […]

Does New Orleans Need a Night Mayor?

New Orleans is governed by a Mayor, who has his own staff, and council people who represent their own districts. They deal with the everyday tasks of running our great […]

New Orleans Music Community Protests Cultural Regulation with Second Line April 25

There is no doubt that awareness is spreading with lightning speed around the Crescent City about the current City administration’s methods of re-enforcing 30 – 50 year old entertainment venue […]

Music and Food: Passions That Sell

I can’t remember who said this to me, but I always thought it was ironic. A friend came to my house and noticed that I have a huge cookbook collection, […]

Do We Want to Need More Tourists?

It’s really discouraging to hear that the police busted OffBeat contributor Cree McCree and her Mardi Gras flea market Saturday at the Blue Nile. According to the Blue Nile’s Jesse […]

If We Knew What We Were Doing …

Friday, Lt.-Governor (for now) Mitch Landrieu held a cultural economy roundtable on the grounds at Jazz Fest, with Irma Thomas, Terrance Simien, Dr. Michael White and OffBeat‘s Jan Ramsey among […]

When Will Music Be “All Dat?”

I’m hoping that the post-Superbowl glow that everyone in the city has doesn’t end for a while. In fact, I hope we can think positively about New Orleans for at […]

Better Late Than Never

Tuesday, Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu announced that he’s joining the race for mayor of New Orleans. I suspect his opponents will make a big deal of his early announcement not […]