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Protecting Dave Bartholomew’s Legacy

The modest, wood-frame house at 1616 N. Galvez St. looks pretty much like all its neighbors, but the front door leads to a dynastic kingdom inside. Walk through the sparsely furnished living room and you come to the office of Bang-N-Records and the Bartholomew Boyz, where the sons and grandsons of New Orleans music pioneer [...]

Look-Ka Py Py Podcast (ep 7): Soundclash Rings the Bell

In the ‘90s, streetwise record labels No Limit and Cash Money put New Orleans hip-hop on the map, hustling stars such as Master P, Lil Wayne, Mystikal and Juvenile onto the mainstream radar. But as the industry evolved, the bling faded. Though it’s no secret that the game has changed, the grind, remains the same. [...]

The 40 Best Louisiana Albums of 2011

New Orleans was once a musical oasis, seemingly unnoticed by the world outside. This year, two of our Top 10 albums of the year received Grammy nominations—Rebirth Brass Band, Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys—and four of the artists record for companies based somewhere outside Louisiana. Trombone Shorty and Curren$y record for major labels, GIVERS’ [...]

YouTube du Jour: Fiend/International Jones

In the new December issue, Drew Hinshaw looks at the 2011 output from the JETS crew—the New Orleans smoke-centric rappers who were almost absurdly productive this year. Curren$y has the highest profile among them, but the rest of the bunch—Fiend, Trademark, Young Roddy, Corner Boy P, Street Wiz—will play a late night show at House [...]

OffBeat Gets Two Honorable Mentions From Da Capo’s Best Music Writing

Every year, Da Capo Press collects some of the best writing about music in magazines, newspapers, blogs, and elsewhere, and publishes its Best Music Writing anthology. Best Music Writing 2011—which showcases writing from 2010—was released on Tuesday, and while we haven’t seen a copy yet, the Village Voice reports that two OffBeat stories were included [...]

A Busy Year for Curren$y and Fiend’s JETS Crew

We begin with your once-every-five-years Fiend update: The ex-No Limit rapper-slash-grizzly-bear-throated drug linguist is still making records—mixtapes, mostly, charming on the whole. If you grew up during the break-up of New Orleans’ rap empires, this news comes as a delight, like an ancient comet spotted orbiting back towards Earth, taken as harbinger of the reemergence [...]

Curren$y, Weekend at Burnie’s (Warner Bros. Records)

Curren$y understands the formula to creating a cult following: consistent, high quality music delivered frequently. That’s why Spitta has released three albums and a few mixtapes in the last two years, feeding his fans that are starving for new music like it’s a bag of Cheetos after 12 bong rips. Weekend at Burnie’s is standard [...]

Curren$y’s Weekend at Burnie’s/Bernie’s Synced Up

Curren$y’s upcoming album, Weekend at Burnie’s, takes its name from the 1989 comedy Weekend at Bernie’s. Here’s the album and movie more-or-less synchronized. It’s not as freaky as the marriage of The Wizard of Oz and Dark Side of the Moon, but it’s entertaining enough. Weekend at Burnie’s will be on sale June 28.

Curren$y and Lil Wayne: The Race is On

Who can release the most music the fastest? Curren$y, a one-time protege of Lil Wayne, is as prolific as Weezy these days and releases tracks about as quickly. His Weekend at Burnie‘s “commercial mixtape” is due out on Warner Bros. June 28, but that hasn’t stopped him from releasing another track, “This is the Life.” [...]

More Free Curren$y

[Updated] Curren$y puts one weed stereotype to shame; it does nothing to his work ethic. In the last year and a half, he has released two albums and three mixtapes, is working on another, toured regularly and has contributed to other mixtapes with members of the Jets Crew. On April 20, he and producer Alchemist returned [...]