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Mimickry in the Spirit of the Season

Last night, our lack of memory of Will Farrell movies cost us the win at 45 Tchoup’s Monday night trivia, but I’m not holding it against him. In the spirit […]

Characters Are for Broadway

Much has been made of the effect of cocaine on David Bowie’s Station to Station, and how it led to a paranoid, schizophrenic masterpiece. I think it did something far […]

Old Man Mellencamp

Tuesday, John Mellencamp called the Internet “the most dangerous thing invented since the Atomic bomb,” and railed against its impact on music, including mp3s. He said of remastered Beatles track: […]

The Sound of Power

There’s no saving Raw Power. David Bowie’ 1973 mix of the Stooges’ classic has never been loved – too wimpy – and in 1990, Iggy “remixed” the album, turning everything […]