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Treme’s Legacy (S4 E4)

Here’s a good question: If you died today what would you leave behind that you would be remembered for? That’s the question being asked in the penultimate episode of HBO’s […]

Treme Season 3, Episode 4: Music Is the Message

In last night’s episode of Treme, “The Greatest Love,” Davis McAlary is in Piety Street Studios with producer Mark Bingham, trying to convince him to donate studio time to record […]

Treme Wrap-Up: Musician, Know Thyself

[Spoiler Alert] After the first episode of Treme, someone on Twitter referred to Davis McAlary as the Jar Jar Binks of the show. The assessment’s brilliantly cold but wrong. Davis […]

Treme News: It’s a “Shame”

Here in the office, managing editor Joseph Irrera has been obsessed with the Davis McAlary (Steve Zahn) version of Smiley Lewis’ “Shame Shame Shame” from episode 5 of Treme. We […]