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Where Is My Waiter, Dammit

I rarely write much about restaurants, as that isn’t considered my oeuvre, but I’m wondering if and how the 1,405 restaurants that are currently now operating in New Orleans (stats courtesy NOMenu.com) are going to survive. Not to be a pessimist, but there are new restaurants opening on every corner these days. Not that I’m [...]

Prospect.2: Leveling Out

One of Prospect.2‘s signature installations is Pawel Wojtasik‘s “Below Sea Level.” Located in the art gallery on the third floor of Delgado’s main building, it’s a series of videos projected on circular walls that almost completely surround the viewer. The round screen immerses the viewer in a series of sequences that examine life in South [...]

Prospect.2 Opens This Weekend

A couple of weeks before the opening of Prospect.2, Dan Cameron’s a little giddy. The founder and artistic director of the New Orleans contemporary art biennial is standing in what will be Prospect.2’s home base at the corner of Rampart and Esplanade when the sawing and hammering stops, and because all the shows planned for [...]

Memories and Opportunities

It’s so hard for me to believe that I will have been publishing OffBeat for almost 25 years. Damn! That’s a quarter of a century, a lot longer than many of our readers are old. In my wildest dreams, I never thought I’d still be doing this, but as it turns out, OffBeat was exactly [...]