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The Songs of the 2009-2010 New Orleans Saints

Listen to our Saints Songs playlist on Spotify On the projector screen behind me, Peyton Manning’s mouth twists in puzzled defeat. To my right, DJ Justin Thomas begins to scream. Around us, a roomful of our fellow citizens follows suit, wildly embracing each other, weeping, throwing their hands in the air. My finger rests on [...]

Gleason Gras II?

“I’ll be here for Gleason Gras 2012,” Steve Gleason announced at the end of a cold, drizzling afternoon, and why wouldn’t he? He had spent the last hour at the back of the stage with Sean Payton watching Better Than Ezra augmented with John Gros on keyboards, Mark Mullins and Greg Hicks on trombones and [...]

Legal News: PBS and the Saints

Today at The Daily Kos, writer “Crashing Vor” wrote a blog post in support of PBS—Porter, Stoltz and Batiste—shining a little light on what little is in the public record about the suit between the band and its former management company, Highsteppin’ Productions. For years, they have been playing together under the name of Porter.Batiste.Stoltz [...]

Saints/Buccaneers Preview: Tampa 2

Whoa. Duuuude. That was close. Really close. Waayyyy closer than it should have been. I really thought the Saints would march into Atlanta and burn the Georgia Dome down like General Sherman. But the men in black seem to find themselves in these supertight, last drive decides it, oh-my-God-how’s-it-gonna-end games a lot this year. Eight [...]

Saints/Falcons Preview: Running Up the Score

Well that was rough. The Saints defense spotted the Ravens 21 points before settling down to hold them to three field goals the rest of the way. But it put Brees and the offense in the position of having to throw a million times versus about two rushing attempts. Sean Payton clearly had the idea [...]

Saints/Rams Preview: Will This Be the Week?

Wow. Hoo boy. That. Was. Amazing. The Bengals game was yet another thrill ride – but not the fun kind. The worst kind. You know when you’re a kid and the roller coaster has a sign that says “You must be this tall to ride”? Somehow, you get on it even though you’re not quite [...]

Saints Get Revenge on Game Cowboys

(As OffBeat Saints/Madden analyst Chris Lee promised last week, Philip H. Anselmo of Down and Arson Anthem is here this week with commentary after the Saints’ Thanksgiving win over the Dallas Cowboys.) How big was the Saints thrilling come-from-behind 30-27 victory over the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving afternoon? Huge. Enormous. Titanic. When it was initially [...]

Saints/Cardinal Preview: A Year That Makes Steelers Fans of us All

The glass half full/half empty sides of the same comment kept coming up after the Saints win over Carolina this week. On one side was “They’re a missed field goal away from a perfect 4 and 0.”  The other side was “They’re ten points away from being 0 and 4.” Strangely, the first comment was [...]

Saints vs. Carolina Panthers: Come On!

Charlie Brown’s got nothing on Saints fans this week. Atlanta’s Lucy act has left us flat on our backs and yelling AAAUGH! Atlanta is a very good team, to be sure – balanced run vs. pass, a savvy QB, and lots of weapons on offense. And with a tough, opportunistic defense that takes the ball [...]

Drew Brees Featured on “60 Minutes”

Hours after the New Orleans Saints lost their first game since January 3, CBS profiled quarterback Drew Brees on 60 Minutes. Here’s the video; there’s more on the 60 Minutes website. It’s worth checking out for the segment titled “Walk on the Wild Side,” with Brees and reporter Steve Kroft walking on Canal Street and [...]