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Anime Euphonium

One of the things I so love about this job is that I not only get to meet so many great people, I learn something every day. First those great […]

Jazz Fest News: Springsteen Week

Bruce Springsteen will finish the first weekend of Jazz Fest on Sunday, April 29. Next week, Springsteen will be part of a week-long tribute on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon; […]

The Old Boys’ Network

This year’s Voodoo Experience may have decided to surf the youth wave, but my desk is overrun with CDs by the Old Boys’ Network. As I’ve said before, Grinderman 2 […]

Notes from Jazz Fest’s Second Weekend

R. Scully’s Rough 7 brought sunshiny good times to Jazz Fest, opening their set at the Acura Stage by singing “I’m Not Insane Anymore” and “Give Up Your Dreams.” Scully […]

Stars Celebrate Bobby Charles

When Bobby Charles passed away last January, friends quietly worried that didn’t seem to be any musical tributes to the Louisiana songwriting legend forthcoming. A few months later, they finally […]