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HBO’s Treme Finishes Shooting Final Season

It was a raw and misty late afternoon in February during Mardi Gras. Spotlights illuminated the gloaming Marigny shadows with a surreal, almost funereal light. David Simon and Eric Overmyer […]

HBO Stands Behind Treme

During the shooting of the season finale, HBO renewed Treme for a third season. On Sunday, Dave Walker announced in The Times-Picayune that HBO has given David Simon and Eric […]

When You Assume …

David Simon sometimes seems a little defensive to me when writing or talking about how people consume television, but then I read some things people say about Treme and I […]

Tide and Talk

UPDATED: Saturday, the Howlin’ Wolf was full of tables, the better to support laptops operated by the bloggers present for Rising Tide 5, the bloggers’ conference focused on New Orleans’ […]

The Hell with Waiting

When I interviewed members of the production crew for Treme, all were guarded when speaking about what would happen if the show got to a second season. Two days after […]