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HBO’s Treme Finishes Shooting Final Season

It was a raw and misty late afternoon in February during Mardi Gras. Spotlights illuminated the gloaming Marigny shadows with a surreal, almost funereal light. David Simon and Eric Overmyer huddled inside a doorway across the street from the Spotted Cat, watching Davis Rogan do a run-through of “Godzilla vs. M.L.K.” before Steve Zahn as [...]

Start of new season of HBO’s “Treme” announced

Treme launches its ten-episode third season Sunday September 23 at 10:00 p.m. (ET/PT). Cast members include Wendell Pierce, Khandi Alexander, Clarke Peters, Rob Brown, Steve Zahn, Kim Dickens, Melissa Leo, Michiel Huisman, Lucia Micarelli, Jon Seda, David Morse and India Ennenga. No hints on the plot just yet, but we do know that there may soon [...]

Jazz Fest: Musicians Make Three Must-See Picks

For this year’s Jazz Fest, we had a slew of Festival veterans tell us what three artists they’re most looking forward to watching at the Fair Grounds: Jazz Fest producer Quint Davis, percussionist Mike DillonMike Dillon, trumpeter Leroy Jones, fiddler/singer Louis Michot, singer/trumpeter K.C. O’Rorke, guitarist Renard Poche, singer/guitarist John Michael Rouchell, singer/guitarist David Shaw, [...]

HBO Stands Behind Treme

During the shooting of the season finale, HBO renewed Treme for a third season. On Sunday, Dave Walker announced in The Times-Picayune that HBO has given David Simon and Eric Overmyer an open-ended order for additional seasons after that: Richard Plepler and Michael Lombardo, HBO’s co-president and programming president, respectively, both said they renewed their [...]

When You Assume …

David Simon sometimes seems a little defensive to me when writing or talking about how people consume television, but then I read some things people say about Treme and I sympathize. I suppose we’re so used to television dramas being crime shows that it’s hard not to see things through lens of heroes/villians as WWOZ’s [...]

Treme Returns with Hard Times and Poetry

The second season of Treme begins with a coda to last season, and it sets the tone for a harder year. As traumatic as the fall of 2005 was, in many ways 2006 was more painful as it became clear that recovery was not going to happen quickly, and the recovery efforts that came through [...]

Best of the Beat Heartbeat Award: HBO’s Treme

In our Letters to the Editor page this month, a reader writes, “I recently returned to New Orleans and spent three glorious weeks. Your city is a national treasure…I believe that the magic one feels when inhabiting this city, is due to the accessibility and quality of the music performed.” Such letters are common, and [...]

Treme Recognized by WGA

Today the Writers Guild of America announced the nominations for its awards, and HBO’s Treme was among the nominees. The writing team of Lolis Eric Elie, David Mills, Eric Overmyer, George Pelecanos, Tom Piazza, Davis Rogan and David Simon are nominated in the category of Best New Series, where they’ll face competition from the writing teams for [...]

Tide and Talk

UPDATED: Saturday, the Howlin’ Wolf was full of tables, the better to support laptops operated by the bloggers present for Rising Tide 5, the bloggers’ conference focused on New Orleans’ recovery (live blogged here and here). The strength of the conference was the dedication and the seriousness of purpose of the attendees. The woman who [...]

HBO’s Treme: I’ll Be Your Mirror

[UPDATED] “New Orleans is still a factory town,” David Simon, co-producer of Treme told the Los Angeles Times. “There are no factories; it creates moments. Musicians, chefs, social aid and pleasure club guys, Mardi Gras Indians—they’re working every day. Their lives are basically skilled labor creating a product that is moments.” Season one of the [...]