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New Orleans: It’s Good for You

  The announcement of the jazz museum and jazz performance space earlier today brought up something that continues to puzzle me. I understand New Orleans’ importance in the development of […]

An Unmade John Hughes Movie

The Lemonheads – It’s a Shame About Ray (Atlantic/Rhino): Boy meets drugs, falls in love, and Molly Ringwald can’t get a bit part in his life.

The Choices are Endless

Yesterday I edited the listings for April through the end of Jazz Fest. If you want to go out and see live music at night during Jazz Fest, there’s jazzy […]

Don’t Mess with New Orleans

SXSW and a few phone conversations we’ve had prompted John Swenson to fire off this email/editorial/rant/state of the union address. Rather than keep it to myself, I’m sharing it with […]

New Stuff

Stephen Davis’ Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend got me interested in the Doors. It didn’t make me like the Doors, but his depiction of a band that knew it was […]

Post-SXSW reading

The two best post-SXSW things I read: a rip on the SXSW blow-by-blow (which makes me feel pretty crappy after having just written one, but since my eyes rolled back […]

SXSW Notebook Dump, Day 4

Actually, not a notebook dump. My pen broke during a James McMurtry set – lousy Spring swag pen! – and besides, I saw little new & was more into a […]

SXSW Notebook Dump, Day 3

Friday started at Flatstock, a show of poster art at the convention center. The last time I saw it a few years ago, it was dominated by B-movie images – […]