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Steve Earle at House of Blues: Moving On

Last night’s Steve Earle and the Dukes and Duchesses show at House of Blues was more reserved than his last appearance in town in 2005 on the The Revolution Starts Now tour. That time, he came in riding a political album that called for change with rock ‘n’ roll; this time, he was closer to [...]

Treme Wrap-Up: The Storm, The Storm, The Storm

[SPOILER ALERT] Last year, I asked Wendell Pierce if Antoine’s financial and musical instability were functions of Katrina, his musical limitations or himself. He couldn’t answer because he hadn’t seen scripts yet that would clarify that issue, and I doubt he’s seen them this season either. One thing’s clear, though—the issues he faces have less [...]

Treme Wrap-Up: Worlds vs. Worlds

[Spoiler Alert] This season, Treme has pitted the characters’ little worlds – whether physical or mental – against the real world of conflicting priorities and values that returned in 2006, and the results haven’t been pretty. LaDonna has spent this season dealing with the consequences of having her little world, GiGi’s, no longer feel like [...]

Steve Earle on Emmys, Treme and New Orleans

[UPDATED] Last week, the Emmy nominations were announced and HBO’s Treme received two—a Best Director nomination for Agnieszka Holland for the first episode, and Best Song for Steve Earle for “This City.” “I wish the show had gotten more nominations,” Steve Earle said Friday by phone. “I think The Wire was a great show and [...]