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Love’s in the Air for “A Night in the Treme”

“Tell people a little bit about Congo Square, about social aid and pleasure clubs, about Mardi Gras Indians, and do a tie-in to the music.” That’s HBO Treme actor Wendell […]

Treme: Bulldogs and Napkin Ladies

I may have made my dramatic television debut this weekend as “Guy on the Right” during Susan Cowsill‘s scene on this week’s episode of Treme. I qualify this not because […]

Treme: Fake Beer

When you see bar scenes on Treme, the patrons have bottles with near-beer, no matter what the label. A beer wrangler opens a few cases of real beer from a […]

Rob Brown: Learning to Love his Trumpet

Like Wendell Pierce, Rob Brown is forced to act with a horn on Treme. Delmond Lambreaux is a jazz trumpeter; Brown isn’t. Like Pierce, he’s forced to look convincing as […]

Treme Wrap-Up: Time for Your Close-Up

[SPOILER ALERT] “The process don’t matter if you don’t get no result”—appropriate words from Albert Lambreaux, who could have been speaking for the city in late 2006 as easily as […]

Reviews of the First Episode of Treme Season Two

On Sunday, HBO premiered season two of Treme with an episode called “Accentuate the Positive.” It is a fitting title as it has been getting positive reviews. Season two picks […]

Behind Treme’s Hard Season Opener

[Spoiler alert] As we learned late in season one of Treme, obsessing over the raw factuality of the show is dangerous. The clues were there as to what Creighton Bernette’s […]

Treme Season Two Starts Sunday

While the production company behind Treme has been embroiled in controversy over the preservation efforts for a row of Central City homes, it’s easy to forget that season two debuts […]

David Simon Meets the (Un)Real New Orleans

The snarky, suspicious, angry New Orleans has finally shown itself to David Simon. After the producers of Treme wrote a letter in support of preservation of houses slated for demolition, […]

Treme Blog: Lolis Eric Elie Returns …

…to opinion writing with “Fact and Fiction in Treme,” the debut post in HBO’s new Inside Treme blog. For those of us who’ve been covering Treme since the start, the […]