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Treme: My Pictures!

[This is the first in a series of blog posts dealing with HBO’s Treme. We get enough email with Treme-related stories that we’ve decided to run some of them, along […]

The Hell with Waiting

When I interviewed members of the production crew for Treme, all were guarded when speaking about what would happen if the show got to a second season. Two days after […]

What About Treme?

Waiting for the premiere of the HBO series that’s supposed to get New Orleans right. Everyone I know in New Orleans who has seen it thinks it’s amazing. There was […]

Irony or In-Joke?

Once HBO’s Treme airs, we’re going to need to open the Bureau of Oddities, In-Jokes, Errors and Otherwise. One to watch for in the pilot (this isn’t a spoiler, or […]

Treme’s Impact

Today Treme is shooting down Frenchmen Street from us. I walked down with a video camera, but there was nothing to shoot but a lot of cold people with headsets. […]