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Hurricane Katrina is Coming…Back

Hurricane Katrina is coming…back. Everywhere I look, everything I read, everything I hear is about Katrina and how New Orleans has “come back” in the 10 years since the Federal […]

A nice relaxing weekend–not.

It was going to be a nice, relaxing weekend. In fact, I had even scheduled a (much-needed) massage for myself on Saturday morning.  But when I drove to keep my […]

Is It Already Too Late?

Hurricane Isaac was a massive, slow moving storm that did tremendous damage, destroyed entire towns and caused numerous fatalities. It was “only” a category 1 hurricane, yet it created a […]

Amanda Schurr joins OffBeat

Am wishing you, in advance, a happy Katrina Day. It’s been seven years to the day when we were almost wiped off the face of the earth by that lovely […]

C. Ray Nagin Makes the Rounds

Yesterday, former Mayor Ray Nagin was on television promoting his book, Katrina’s Secrets, which was self-published through CreateSpace, as Jon Stewart noticed on The Daily Show. Nagin did this, he […]

Treme Blog: Lolis Eric Elie Returns …

…to opinion writing with “Fact and Fiction in Treme,” the debut post in HBO’s new Inside Treme blog. For those of us who’ve been covering Treme since the start, the […]

Atrocity Exhibition

The conference portion of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s American Music Masters tribute to Fats Domino and Dave Bartholomew just concluded. The day included interviews with Bartholomew, musicians […]

The Lessons Not Learned

To his credit, NBC’s Brian Williams on Meet the Press asked Wendell Pierce if racism and classicism played a role in the slow governmental response to the post-Katrina flooding, and […]

Damage Assessment

For me, the takeaway from Spike Lee’s If God is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise was that he was celebrating the people of New Orleans and the prickly, wily […]


Satellite view of “The Big One” Yesterday afternoon I was waiting for an appointment in an office, and a woman who was sitting next to me was complaining to her […]