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Satchmo, Not in Armstrong Park. Again.

It’s just been announced that Satchmo SummerFest event in early August is leaving its home of the last 15 years at the Old U.S. Mint, and is moving to Jackson […]

An Endangered Species?

In the Comments on Zachary Young’s “The Noise Goes on Forever,” one reader writes: I think it is equally short-sighted to compare the jazz musicians of the 19th and early […]

The Price of Success

One of the best things to come out of the NFL Kickoff Thursday circus besides ramping up the pre-game buzz for Thursday night – like that was needed – is […]

A Preview of Next Thursday?

Tonight’s Saints game is unlikely to tell us much about the team that will take the field against the Minnesota Vikings next Thursday night (beside who’ll back up the back-ups), […]

Parts of the Problem

I fear that people don’t take environmental issues seriously until they’re in their own backyard as the Deepwater Horizon disaster is in ours. For example, who here knew about the […]