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New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation Launches Catapult Fund

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation, Jazz Fest’s non-profit arm, looks to expand and enhance its tradition of locally awarded community-partnership grants with two new initiatives that foster new funding opportunities and business-development training for area arts educators and arts entrepreneurs. The broad umbrella of “arts entrepreneurs” covers small businesses and sole proprietorships working [...]

20 Feet From Stardom: Erica Falls Steps Up

It’s a question that Erica Falls hears often enough: “If you’re this good, how come I never heard of you before?” As a soloist, she’s been performing for the better part of two decades; as a backup singer, she’s appeared or recorded with heavyweights from John Fogerty to Irma Thomas to Sting. But when she [...]

What I Loved and Hated About Jazz Fest

Okay, Festival Productions people: don’t go nuts on me here. I’m not dissing the Jazz Fest this year. It was one of the better ones in memory: the lineup was innovative, and the weather was totally cooperative. The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival is one of the most well-run and  -promoted events in the [...]

Jazz Fest 2014 Lineup A to Z Guide

It can be daunting to choose from the panoply of cultures, rhythms and sounds available at Jazz Fest when mapping out a day at the Fair Grounds; this handy guide should help ensure your experience hits all the right notes. Happy Festing!   Browse Every Jazz Fest 2014 Performer Below # | A | B [...]

Bonerama’s Mark Mullins Extends his Jazz Fest Family

One of the recurring themes within the New Orleans music community since Hurricane Katrina has been a focus on passing the torch on to the next generation of musicians. From the Roots of Music to the work the Tipitina’s Foundation has spearheaded to plotlines of HBO’s Treme, the image of an established musician handing an [...]

Jazz Fest Fan Profile: Ray Meyer

New Orleans native Ray Meyer has been a Jazz Fest regular since 1971, when he attended his first Jazz Fest in Congo Square. Meyer said he has seen a lot of changes to the festival over the years, from the location to the sponsors. “Schlitz beer sponsored Jazz Fest in 1971,” he said. “That was [...]

Jazz Fest 1994

Guess who’s at Jazz Fest? Think I’ve changed since 1994? Well, chunkier and older for sure, and my hair got a lot more red, a little wiser, a lot deeper in debt, but I still enjoy Jazz Fest just as much as I did 20 years ago. I found this photo one night a few [...]

Quiz: Are You a Jazz Fest Know-it-all?

Quint Davis: A Jazz Fest Producer Looks at 45

As the founding producer of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, Quint Davis has been at the epicenter of the Jazz Fest universe for as long as the festival has existed. Well before the gates opened for the first Jazz Fest in 1970, the idea for the festival that would go on to draw [...]

Live Music and a Film Screening on Tap at the Old U.S. Mint

The Old U.S. Mint will begin hosting live music and events this week. With the exception of the kickoff concert featuring clarinetists Evan Christopher and Greg Agrid, tickets to all shows are $10 at the door. On April 9, the Mint will host a tribute concert to the late New Orleans funk-rock pioneer Clark Vreeland, [...]