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Draw Your Own Conclusion

  John Swenson pointed out to me that of the 40 names listed on the ad for the 40th anniversary of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, only 9 […]

Whose Jazz?

  Belyin’s response to yesterday’s post gave me reason to go back and scrutinize the Jazz Fest’s jazz offerings more closely. Snug Harbor aside, it’s hard to look at that […]

Shot Through the Heart

  [Update below] The TBA in Jazz Fest’s lineup turned out to be neither Bruce Springsteen or Neil Young as many hoped. Instead, we get Bon Jovi, who festival director […]


  In Keith Spera’s analysis of the Jazz Fest schedule (not online at Nola.com that I could find), he resurrected one of Quint Davis’ more infamous quotes. When asked in […]

Did it Get a Little Cold in Here?

  Another pre-Jazz Fest note, this one on Aretha Franklin. Mike Seely at the Seattle Weekly wrote this week protesting the choice of Aretha Franklin to sing at the Obama […]

It’s All About the Hands

  A Tony Bennett review in the New York Times, in long-distance advance of his show at Jazz Fest. According to Ben Ratliff: When Tony Bennett, now 82, enacts that […]

A Shoe Fetish

  Last night, Keith Olbermann did a piece on shoe-throwing, the sort of piece that could only happen on a slow news day. He tried half-heartedly to turn it into […]

Jazz Fest Lineup Announcement Notes

  UPDATE: Dec. 17 – A reader says Erykah Badu did play Jazz Fest 8 or so years ago. I thought so, but wasn’t sure.] The New Orleans Jazz and […]

Credit Where Credit’s Due

In one of my posts about Kidd Jordan, I wrote that none of the city’s cultural organizations besides Anxious Sound had paid proper attention to Jordan. Cree McCree reminded me […]

Last Call for This Year’s Jazz Fest

I’ve done all the post-Fest writing I’m going to do, and our Jazz Fest wrap-up will appear in the June issue (due out later this week). But writer Larry Blumenfeld has […]