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New Atlantis, For Real

Have you read New Atlantis, John Swenson’s book about New Orleans music, post-Katrina? It could be a lot worse… It’s starting to cool off a little, although this year is […]

Treme Episode Three Recap: The Music of Crickets

Last night’s episode of Treme was a pivotal one, setting up several scenarios to develop throughout the season. Toni goes after a bad apple in the NOPD in a very […]

Treme Episode Three: Don’t Let the Water Wash Us Away

“Me Donkey Want Water,” the title of Episode 3, Season 3 of Treme, is also the title of one of Monk Boudreaux’s compositions on Tab Benoit’s Voice of the Wetlands […]

Treme Returns Tonight For Season Three

The third season of Treme starts as in so many episodes, with Antoine Batiste  (Wendell Pierce) in a cab, debating the details with a driver and volleying for a pass, or […]

Hurricane Anxiety

Am sitting in my (still) Katrina-damaged home thinking to myself: “Can we go through this again?” As of this writing, Tropical Storm Isaac is expected to strengthen and hit the […]

Grand Canyon Salad Dressing

Every month, I make a big batch of salad dressing to keep on hand in the fridge, stored in recycled mustard and honey bottles. Every time I make it I […]

Impossible Pie

We had some friends over for dinner last week and the discussion turned to pie. So I had to revisit our Katrina story. After the storm, my darling homeless husband […]

Putting the “vice” in Vice-President, and Katrina

Oliver Wang at Poplicks.com posted a picture and analysis of John McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin. And his photo of New Orleans on the anniversary of Katrina reminds that this […]