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Throwback Thursday: Theresa Andersson and Anders Osborne on the Cover in 1994

It’s been almost 20 years since Theresa Andersson and Anders Osborne first graced the cover of OffBeat in July of 1994. The cover, photographed by Marie-Dominique Verdier, depicts Andersson leading Osborne into “temptation” and was shot at Audubon Park. Wearing a pink headband, tribal war paint of some kind, and not much else, Osborne sits [...]

Future Is Here. Now.

In 1970, Alvin Toffler wrote a pop-culture hit book, Future Shock. In a fairly schlocky ‘70s documentary special that attempted to define the title, host Orson Welles called it “A sickness that comes from too much change in too short a period of time, a feeling that nothing is permanent anymore.” Or “A reaction of changes [...]


What would Keith say? Today in The Times-Picayune, Keith Spera bemoaned the kid-unfriendly nature of Snoop Dogg and Odd Future at Voodoo. Response A: Well, yeah. And…? Response B: Do we really need all festivals to be safe for 10-year-old ears? Response C: What would Keith make of Erin McKeown’s cannon shot across Christmas’ port [...]

City Songs: John Swenson’s New Atlantis and Keith Spera’s Groove Interrupted

Television before Treme treated musicians as outsiders—frequently as degenerates, at least as self-absorbed and often predatory. The HBO drama implies that they’re just as much a part of a city as lawyers, laborers and bar owners, and it’s a theme that writers John Swenson and Keith Spera echo in their new books. In New Atlantis, [...]

Groove Interrupted by Keith Spera: Renew, Regroove

Most books about New Orleans musicians repeat the musical history we all love and grew up with, but few describe the day-to-day struggles faced by the artists trying to continue this legacy. Local music writer (and former OffBeat editor Keith Spera tells those stories in his new book Groove Interrupted: Loss, Renewal, and the Music [...]

Support the Musicians’ Clinic

Keith Spera’s fine story on Alex Chilton for The Times-Picayune left some under the impression that he and his wife Laura were in dire financial straits – so much so that people have been offering her financial assistance since his passing. Through an intermediary, Laura said that she doesn’t need the help and would prefer [...]

Stuff We Liked in ’91

Everybody knows that year-end Top 10 lists are unfair (who, after all, has heard it all?), but we still love to read them. So we had the staff and a couple of contributing writers compile their very own lists for Christmas. The guidelines were vague: it had to happen or be released in 1991, it [...]