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Future Is Here. Now.

In 1970, Alvin Toffler wrote a pop-culture hit book, Future Shock. In a fairly schlocky ‘70s documentary special that attempted to define the title, host Orson Welles called it “A sickness that comes from too much change in too short a period of time, a feeling that nothing is permanent anymore.” Or “A reaction of changes [...]


What would Keith say? Today in The Times-Picayune, Keith Spera bemoaned the kid-unfriendly nature of Snoop Dogg and Odd Future at Voodoo. Response A: Well, yeah. And…? Response B: Do we really need all festivals to be safe for 10-year-old ears? Response C: What would Keith make of Erin McKeown’s cannon shot across Christmas’ port [...]

City Songs: John Swenson’s New Atlantis and Keith Spera’s Groove Interrupted

Television before Treme treated musicians as outsiders—frequently as degenerates, at least as self-absorbed and often predatory. The HBO drama implies that they’re just as much a part of a city as lawyers, laborers and bar owners, and it’s a theme that writers John Swenson and Keith Spera echo in their new books. In New Atlantis, [...]

Groove Interrupted by Keith Spera: Renew, Regroove

Most books about New Orleans musicians repeat the musical history we all love and grew up with, but few describe the day-to-day struggles faced by the artists trying to continue this legacy. Local music writer (and former OffBeat editor Keith Spera tells those stories in his new book Groove Interrupted: Loss, Renewal, and the Music [...]

Support the Musicians’ Clinic

Keith Spera’s fine story on Alex Chilton for The Times-Picayune left some under the impression that he and his wife Laura were in dire financial straits – so much so that people have been offering her financial assistance since his passing. Through an intermediary, Laura said that she doesn’t need the help and would prefer [...]

Stuff We Liked in ’91

Everybody knows that year-end Top 10 lists are unfair (who, after all, has heard it all?), but we still love to read them. So we had the staff and a couple of contributing writers compile their very own lists for Christmas. The guidelines were vague: it had to happen or be released in 1991, it [...]