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Treme Season 3, Episode 4: Music Is the Message

In last night’s episode of Treme, “The Greatest Love,” Davis McAlary is in Piety Street Studios with producer Mark Bingham, trying to convince him to donate studio time to record […]

Tickets for Kidd Jordan, Hamid Drake on Sale Now

On Sunday, November 20, Piety Street Recording will host a recording session/intimate concert with tenor saxophone legend Kidd Jordan and percussionist Hamid Drake. Valid Records‘ Benjamin Lyons has brought together […]

One More on Kidd

Here’s a final take on Kidd Jordan’s performance at New York’s Vision Festival, this one by Larry Blumenfeld: Kidd never let up, reveling in the company of favorite collaborators: veering […]

Credit Where Credit’s Due

In one of my posts about Kidd Jordan, I wrote that none of the city’s cultural organizations besides Anxious Sound had paid proper attention to Jordan. Cree McCree reminded me […]

More on Kidd Jordan

NPR profiled Kidd Jordan last Wednesday on All Things Considered. Here’s the story.

We’ve Been Shamed

Every cultural arts organization except Anxious Sound should be embarrassed that Kidd Jordan had to go to New York City for to be recognized for a lifetime achievement. Here’s an […]