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Alternative Krewes: A-Krewe-ing Interest

Zulu introduced satire to Mardi Gras. By giving its king a lard can crown and a banana stalk scepter as signs of royalty when it first rolled in 1909, it rudely burlesqued the pretensions to actual royalty of Rex. That mocking spirit—of current events and Mardi Gras itself—is one that finds voice again and again [...]

Krewe du Vieux

“The story starts a million years ago when some caveman in order to impress his woman put on the skull of a dead animal and started dancing around pretending it was the dead animal,” Ray Kern says. “It undoubtedly impressed the woman because they mated and Mardi Gras was born.” “And then the krewe was [...]

Krewe du Vieux: A C.R.U.D.E. Awakening

Marie Krien-Schmidt and Mark Hall live in the heart of the Irish Channel, in a two-story house that could only be found in New Orleans. The walls are strewn with old Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest prints, along with Meyersdorf watercolors, an old trombone, a jester head, and a replica bowsprit from the HMS Britannia, [...]

Mardi Gras Zulu-ology

“Zulu is coming!” Few words create the magic and excitement that cry does on Mardi Gras day. Carnival is all about fun, and the Zulus have been creating some of the best of it since 1916, making this year their 75th Diamond Anniversary. This Mardi Gras, the exuberant Zulu Coronation Ball will be held at [...]

Mardi Gras Mysteries

One of the strangest things about growing up in New Orleans is not the widespread frenzy of hedonism, crazed dancing in the streets and masking on the Tuesday before Lent—no, that all seems perfectly normal. The truly odd thing is the gradually dawning realization that the rest of the country does not do these things. [...]


If you had to pick one day out of the year to be in New Orleans, the obvious choice is Fat Tuesday, better known as Mardi Gras Day. That presumes, of course, that you like good music, dancing in the streets, having underwear thrown at you, dressing bizarrely, eating great food and getting falling down [...]