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Curren$y and Lil Wayne: The Race is On

Who can release the most music the fastest? Curren$y, a one-time protege of Lil Wayne, is as prolific as Weezy these days and releases tracks about as quickly. His Weekend […]

OffBeat Looks at the Weekend

OffBeat editor Alex Rawls appeared on the Fox8 Morning Show with Jennifer Hale this morning to talk about Lil Wayne, the Best of the Beat, Yo La Tengo and Monotonix. […]

New Lil Wayne: “6’7”

Lil Wayne’s been out of prison for a month, so it’s no surprise that the prolific rapper already has a new single – “6’7″”. If there’s any news, it’s that […]

Free Morella, Free Lil Wayne

Morella and the Wheels of If have released their debut album, Shipwrecked. You can download a free mp3 of a live version of “Wandering” from the album at the band’s […]

Cheapness for Good and Ill

Incarceration led to my favorite C-Murder album, The Truest Shit I Ever Said, largely because the process of recording on a DAT while in prison forced him to dial down […]

The Weezy Countdown Clock

Lil Wayne has launched his prison Web site, WeezyThanxYou.com, complete with a clock that counts down the days until his release (or is that his next release?). The site features […]

Gifts are for Chumps

I’ve been trying to find the contrarian response to the general wave of negativity aimed at Lil Wayne’s Rebirth, but no luck. It’s not bad, and if this was the […]

Still the Best

This has been a rough year for Lil Wayne, and the general disinterest that the tracks released from Rebirth makes it easy to think about him as in decline. But […]

A Good, Nutty Theory

Yesterday, I found a good conspiracy theory regarding Amazon.com’s early release of Lil Wayne’s Rebirth, and I wish I could credit and quote my conspiracy theorist, but I can’t retrace […]

Romilar on my Back

  It’s not really news, but here’s an entertaining take on Lil Wayne and his dark secret. Here’s another.