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Protecting Dave Bartholomew’s Legacy

The modest, wood-frame house at 1616 N. Galvez St. looks pretty much like all its neighbors, but the front door leads to a dynastic kingdom inside. Walk through the sparsely furnished living room and you come to the office of Bang-N-Records and the Bartholomew Boyz, where the sons and grandsons of New Orleans music pioneer [...]

Louisiana Music Timeline: December 20

DECEMBER 20 1943: Happy Birthday to guitarist and vocalist Walter “Wolfman” Washington born in New Orleans. 1960: Happy Birthday to Dirty Dozen Brass Band trumpeter Efrem Towns born in New Orleans. 1983: Happy Birthday to singer and producer Daniel Torregano known as Dappa born in New Orleans. 2010: Magnolia Shorty born Renetta Yemika Lowe was [...]

Bounce to This: Katey Red’s Dream Team

“It’s an entity I put together. We are ready to tell a story,” says Katey Red, the trans queen of New Orleans bounce rap, speaking on her new “Dream Team,” performing at Voodoo Music Experience 2012. Red’s Voodoo gig has become her annual chance to show attendees of the high-profile festival the side of bounce [...]

YouTube du Jour: Kourtney Heart

Teen R&B singer Kourtney Heart released this second video for her song “My Boy” last night. The new video is for a remix featuring Soulja Boy that first came out in February this year and received heavy radio airplay. Gone from the original version’s video are the backup dancers and cameos from late collaborator Magnolia [...]

Kourtney Heart: French Quarter Fest Focus

Six years before Kourtney Heart’s bouncy club jam “My Boy” caught the attention of radio stations and record executives, the pop-princess-in-waiting admits to having had a “huge crush” on then-teen R&B sensation Chris Brown: “I had his first CD, and it said Jive Records on it. I thought, ‘I’ve got to get signed to Jive.’” [...]

Kourtney Heart, Eye Dee Kay (D.E.O. Recordings)

It’s pretty easy to make a hit these days: insert 808s, heavy bass, a catchy hook and a cute face. Mix well. Repeat 10 times and you have an album. The difficulty comes in finding a sound that breaks from the mold and enters into the realm of actual high quality. Only time will tell [...]

Magnolia Shorty Murdered

[Updated] In the last hour, we’ve been seeing tweets reporting that rapper Magnolia Shorty has been murdered. We’ve been unable to confirm this beyond tweets the word that Q93 is confirming it. We hope this is a rumor, but will follow up when we know more. Here’s an interview with Magnolia Shorty from SXSW 2010, [...]

Two Showcases of New Orleans Hip-Hop Tonight

The hip-hop scene in New Orleans is currently one of the most vibrant in the city, with many artists performing in a colorful spectrum of different styles, and releasing loads of quality songs, mixtapes and albums. Tonight, two separate showcases are providing an opportunity to catch many of these artists on one night. At Republic, [...]

School-aged Rappers at Ogden This Afternoon

For years, writer, musician and OffBeat contributor Michael Patrick Welch has helped students develop language and musical awareness by having them write and perform their own raps. Earlier this year, he put out the CD YA! Young Audiences Raps! which includes such tracks as “A Tale of Two Siblings,” “Fischer Halloween Anthem,” “(Not About) The [...]

Master P, Kane & Abel and Cash Money Records

Thanks to the help of director Moon Jones, rappers like Master P and Kane & Abel are making the transition from music to film. Jones, who was born in New Orleans and later moved to Los Angeles, wrote and directed the movie I’m Bout It—a comedy drama filmed in New Orleans starring Master P. Master [...]