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Can musicians make a living wage in New Orleans?

It’s no secret that most musicians in New Orleans (well, most musicians anywhere) have a hard time making a living wage. Musicians gigs don’t make much, for the most part. […]

Culture Creators Complain But There Are Solutions

I’m going to make this quick; it’s 10 p.m. and finishing the Weekly Beat has been a multi-hour quest for me (we’re short-staffed at the moment, and I was in […]

Shopping For Tradition

I spend a good part of the day today shopping. Yeah, shopping for tradition. I had promised Laurita “Queen Rita” Dollis, widow of Big Chief Bo Dollis, that OffBeat would […]

A Month to Remember: New Orleans Shines in January

This past January was an eventful month of music in which New Orleans witnessed more highlights than most of the world’s top cultural cities experience in a year. Memorable shows […]

Feathers and Baby Dolls In Da House

I’ve insisted repeatedly over the years the need for a highly visible and accessible museum in New Orleans that focuses on our musical culture. There are many venues and organization […]

Reflections on “The Day”

Mardi Gras was great; the weather cooperated; all relatives and family arrived safely and partied without incident throughout the weekend. When we were kids, my daddy used to leave very […]

A Great Mardi Gras

Had a great Mardi Gras! I’ve done Frenchmen Street, Bourbon Street, Canal  Street, St. Charles Avenue, even Metairie. But I like our house the best. We’re smack-dab in the middle […]

Ante Up

Following up on last week’s blog post, I got a lot of feedback from the Vieux Carre Property Owners, Resident & Associates (VCPORA), the local group whose mission is “To […]

The (Mardi Gras) Indian Wars

After our news story on the successful effort of Creole Wild West Chief Howard Miller to copyright his suit, we received a number of comments and a lot of general […]

Treme News: Peters on Lambreaux

Mardi Gras Indians are being introduced to much of the country through Treme, but Clarke Peters had an idea what he was getting into when he signed on to play […]