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Treme: Fake Beer

When you see bar scenes on Treme, the patrons have bottles with near-beer, no matter what the label. A beer wrangler opens a few cases of real beer from a […]

Treme Wrap-Up: Coconuts and Shoes

[SPOILER ALERT] Jazz Fest may display the city’s finest talents, but Mardi Gras puts an essential characteristic of the city on display. David Simon and Eric Overmyer’s script for this […]

Ruminations on French Quarter Fest

No doubt about it, French Quarter Fest has come a long way.  It’s come into its own as one of the city’s premier events, like Jazz Fest, Mardi Gras, and […]

Filmmakers: Why We’re Suspicious of You

Here at the corner of Frenchmen and Decatur, our parking has been screwed for days because a movie is being shot. That’s irritating, but I won’t complain about that. But […]

You Know Mardi Gras Is Over When…

… your dog finishes off a galette from the Boulangerie and you’re not that mad at the dog or sorry to see it go. That happened last night. A few […]

A Great Mardi Gras

Had a great Mardi Gras! I’ve done Frenchmen Street, Bourbon Street, Canal  Street, St. Charles Avenue, even Metairie. But I like our house the best. We’re smack-dab in the middle […]

A Happy-ish Ending

Earlier in the week, both Jan Ramsey and I commented on the bust at the Blue Nile that took place during Cree McCree’s Costume Bazaar Sunday. McCree wrote us with […]

Putting On Events Should Be Easy…

A big brouhaha popped up last weekend at the Blue Nile on Frenchmen Street, when reps from the city’s revenue department shut down the NOLA Designer Costume Market, organized for […]

The Price of Success

One of the best things to come out of the NFL Kickoff Thursday circus besides ramping up the pre-game buzz for Thursday night – like that was needed – is […]

John Hughes and Mardi Gras

Was it just me, or did it seem like the largest, most energetic Mardi Gras since Katrina this year? That aside, a quote from David Kamp’s piece on John Hughes in Vanity Fair […]