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Remembering Antoinette

The joy of last year’s Mardi Gras was muted by the news that Antoinette K-Doe had passed away the night before. Tonight, she’ll be remembered at the Mother-in-Law Lounge, where […]

In Compliance

Saturday night before the wonderful ‘tit Rex Parade in the Bywater, guitarist Donald Miller said that he’d spend Super Bowl Sunday as he’d spent most Sundays this season – home, […]

Dazed and Confused

I’m trying to write about yesterday – a remarkable day in so many ways – but I’m pretty thoroughly stupified by it all and am still basking in the feeling […]

Grossed Out

  There’s a lot in the race and class dynamics of Mardi Gras that are subtler than we realize – or maybe they aren’t at all and we simply look […]

How to Add Drama to Mardi Gras

  BeauSoleil’s David Doucet rides in Mid-City, but the band’s tour ended last night in Iowa. Since yesterday morning, he’s been Twittering about his activities trying to get home. This […]

Go Technology!

  Last night, it seemed that adding the stretch of Magazine from Jefferson to Napoleon added 45 or so minutes to the parade route. WDSU has a brilliant solution for […]

How Has this Taken So Long?

  With wireless technology being what it is, why did it take until this weekend and St. Stanislaus Academy to bring the electric bass to Mardi Gras? In the middle […]

“Together We Are Tiny”

  I am totally intrigued by the ‘tit Rex Parade – the World’s first Mardi Gras microkrewe, where shoebox floats will be pulled by motorized cars. It starts Saturday night […]