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Protecting Dave Bartholomew’s Legacy

The modest, wood-frame house at 1616 N. Galvez St. looks pretty much like all its neighbors, but the front door leads to a dynastic kingdom inside. Walk through the sparsely furnished living room and you come to the office of Bang-N-Records and the Bartholomew Boyz, where the sons and grandsons of New Orleans music pioneer [...]

Dusty Money Cleans Up at Fourth NOLA Hip Hop Awards

It was a wild night at the 2013 NOLA Hip Hop Awards (NOHHA) last Saturday, where both unsung pioneers and rising talents alike were honored. Though it was no surprise that Big Freedia took home the prize for Bounce Artist of the Year, or 3D Na’Tee for Female Artist of the Year (both ladies absent, [...]

Louisiana Music Timeline: January 9

January 9 1970: Happy Birthday to Mia Young, better known as rapper Mia X.

Matt Miller, Bounce: Rap Music and Local Identity in New Orleans

The bounce music misnomer has been around for decades: DJs with little access to live instruments just shouted obscenities over simple beats to which women can shake their asses. Dismissive synopses like those only serve to cheapen the long-standing history that led to the bounce movement and the sound’s cultural impact on New Orleans. That’s [...]

Lupe, Mannie and Mia Talk “Bitches” at 2-Cent Session

Headed by director Brandan “Bmike” Odums, the juggernaut crew of juggernaut of fertile minds minds that is 2-Cent continues to create thought-provoking videos and community events. Following up on their Listen! Literary Fest on Bayou Road, the collective returned last night with the launch of “2-Cent Sessions,” an ongoing series of lectures. The inaugural 2-Cent [...]

New Orleans Underground Hip-Hop Awards: Making Hip-Hop History

New Orleans’ booming underground hip-hop scene lives in the shadow of hitmakers such as the Hot Boys and Master P. To shine a spotlight on this scene, Lawrence Parker is bringing back the New Orleans Underground Hip-Hop Awards for its second year. “There are a ton of local artists doing their thing here,” Parker says. [...]

The Thick Man Swings; the Grandmother of Rap Gets Tough

This month, Big Beat/Atlantic Records releases “From the Brick Jungle,” the first single from local rapper MC Thick’s (Stewart Harris) debut album The Show Ain’t Over Till the Fat Man Swings. “From the Brick Jungle” is the follow-up to Harris’ 1991 release “What the Fellas Be Yellin’ (Marrero).” The song addressed the drug problems in [...]