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Mike Dillon, Band of Outsiders (Royal Potato Family)

The music of Mike Dillon combines many sources, yet comes out sounding unto itself. This latest report from the mind of Mike moves all over the map. Overall, it is punk rock as played by great instrumentalists, with the lead voices being Dillon’s mallet instruments and Carly Myers’ trombone. It is most reminiscent of the [...]

New Orleans Concert Picks of the Week: February 6 – 12, 2014

Hungry for live music… Look no further! Here’s OffBeat’s look at New Orleans’ top concerts for the week of February 6 – 12, 2014 featuring: The Spring Quartet, the Trey Anastasio Band, the Mercy Brothers, Mike Dillon, Jon Cleary and the Absolute Monster Gentlemen, Chip Wilson and the Breton Sound.   Full ScheduleLouisiana Music on [...]

New Orleans Concert Picks of the Week: September 5 – 11, 2013

Hungry for live music… Look no further! Here’s OffBeat’s look at New Orleans’ top concerts for the week of September 5 – 11, 2013 featuring: Clint Maedgen, Rick Springfield, Mike Dillon, the James Singleton Quartet, the Bluegrass Pickin’ Party, Joe Satriani and Black Flag. September 5September 6September 7September 8 September 9September 10September 11   THURSDAY, [...]

Mike Dillon Band, Urn (Royal Potato Family)

Mike Dillon’s music is not your granddaddy’s bebopping, finger-snapping, shades and beret, too-cool-for-school jazz. It has an intensity and attitude taken from punk rock and a slightly dirty, loud sound that is found more on rock ‘n’ roll and electronica records. Buy on iTunesBuy on AmazonThe songs have a deceptive complexity — they sound simple [...]

James Singleton & Illuminasti Friends at Cafe Istanbul: Improvisation Is A Religion

Outside of the St. John Will-I-Am Coltrane African Orthodox Church, there aren’t many houses of worship to experience jazz in a spiritual way. But on Sunday, June 10, Café Istanbul could have made the case that it’s a sanctuary for New Orleans musicians, with bassist James Singleton as its prophet, and his Illuminasti Friends as [...]

Jazz Fest: Musicians Make Three Must-See Picks

For this year’s Jazz Fest, we had a slew of Festival veterans tell us what three artists they’re most looking forward to watching at the Fair Grounds: Jazz Fest producer Quint Davis, percussionist Mike DillonMike Dillon, trumpeter Leroy Jones, fiddler/singer Louis Michot, singer/trumpeter K.C. O’Rorke, guitarist Renard Poche, singer/guitarist John Michael Rouchell, singer/guitarist David Shaw, [...]

New Carnival Music from Galactic

Galactic has finished a new album, Carnivale Electricos which puts a new spin on the Carnival record by musically addressing not only Mardi Gras but Carnival in Brazil. This time around, the large stable of musical guests includes Louisiana artists Al “Carnival Time” Johnson, Big Chief Juan Pardo, Corey Henry, John Michael Rouchell, Maggie Koerner, [...]

Live Music NOLA/OffBeat Compilation, Volume 1

German/Jewish poet Berthold Auerbach said “music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Live music is a source of vital nourishment that replenishes the soul, a regular part of living in New Orleans, where experiencing it fully means feeling the power and energy of a live performance. Live Music NOLA‘s mission is [...]

Jonathan Freilich, Electric Eggplant (Independent)

Jonathan Freilich’s guitar work and compositions are the sound of modern jazz in New Orleans. Although sometimes abstract and angular, they have rhythmic bounce and melodic sense that is much more accessible than similar music made in other settings and still reflect the best New Orleans music. His new album, Electric Eggplant, features musicians who [...]

Garage a Trois, Always Be Happy, But Stay Evil (Royal Potato Family Records)

Like Gang of Four, which is now essentially two guys, Garage a Trois has a band name that’s just too good to change when it’s no longer numerically accurate. The group only remained a trio for a short time after drummer Stanton Moore launched it as a 1999 side project, with guitarist Charlie Hunter and [...]