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New Orleans Film Festival: Top 5 Picks For Monday, October 17

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YouTube du Jour: The King of Oak Street

Tonight, Tipitina’s will host a free screening of The King of Oak Street, Andrew Scott’s documentary on “performance painter” Frenchy. The film is now available on DVD, and it will be on sale at the show with a portion of the proceeds going to the Tipitina’s Foundation.

Pearl Jam at Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center is showing Pearl Jam Twenty nightly at 9:30 p.m. through Thursday. The documentary film by Cameron Crowe includes previously unseen footage of the band over the course of its 20-year history. Advance tickets are on sale nightly from the Zeitgeist Box Office, or they can be purchased over the phone with [...]

On the Road to Redemption

“I drank a lot.” That’s how Morgan Simpson says he prepared for his role in the drama Redemption Road, which hits theaters today. Simpson plays a down-in-the-dumps alcoholic Jackson Bailey who meets blues and country loving Texan Augy (Michael Clarke Duncan). Duncan’s character shows him how he can get his life back together by playing [...]

Walken Look-alike Gives Music Lessons

Albinas Prizgintas, organist and music director at Trinity Church, is working with actor John Corbett giving him piano lessons for a TNT movie Richochet filming in New Orleans. Ricochet is based on the best-selling book by Sandra Brown. Prizgintas worked with Corbett, training the actor to play Bach’s Goldberg Variations. Manon Prizgintas, Albinas’ wife, indicated [...]

YouTube du Jour: Bill Baird and Echotone

Tonight, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art will screen the movie Echotone at 8 p.m. The documentary deals with issues that are relevant here as it examines how economic growth in Austin, Texas affect the city’s music community. What happens to musicians when property values are made a civic priority over the art that gave [...]

YouTube du Jour: Straight to Hell

Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center is screening Alex Cox’s Straight to Hell Returns nightly at 9 through Thursday. The movie is a new edit of Cox’s 1987 take on the spaghetti western tradition starring Joe Strummer with appearances by Elvis Costello, Courtney Love, Jim Jarmusch and members of the Pogues.

Lee Debuts “God …” in New Orleans

“We’re not really part of the United States,” WWL’s Garland Robinette says. “We’re like a rich Haiti.” That feeling of alienation is an undercurrent that runs through Spike Lee’s new documentary for HBO, If God is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise, which presents Robinette and people from most walks of life in an account [...]