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Backroad Acadiana: Fests and Dancehalls

Since Opelousas native Paul Prudhomme blackened his first redfish several years ago, the interest in Cajun food and music has garnered world attention. The interest in the music and dancing has grown in geometric proportions since then. Cajun music festivals are now held annually in Rhode Island and San Francisco, and bands are traveling to [...]

Kerry Boutte: Cajun King of Mulate’s

Kerry Boutte is a most unlikely-looking Cajun. He looks like a refugee from L.A. with his ponytail and hipster threads. His restaurants and his apartment are adorned with avant garde works by artists from Acadiana—Boutte  is obviously an aficionado of the more sophisticated visual arts created by his Cajun comrades. He may appear to be [...]

Cajunized: Cajun Comes to Town

Most New Orleanians consider Laplace the end of the Big Easy and the beginning of the place where the Yat accent dies and a coon-ass accent kicks in. But true lovers of the Cajun culture know that you have to go west on I-10 to Lafayette and its environs to be in the heart of [...]