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Jazz Fest Friday: Mystikal, Theresa Andersson, Feufollet & Ani DiFranco

Friday at Jazz Fest was a good day for a lot of interesting music, even though little that I saw was wholly successful. Yvette Landry’s honky tonk and western swing […]

Jazz Fest Day 6: People Everywhere and Shaky Wardrobe Decisions

[UPDATED] I’ve wondered for much of this Jazz Fest if the crowds are simply smaller or if they’ve been evenly distributed around the stages. Yesterday, a ton of people were […]

What Have We Learned?

We recently received a link to the new Mystikal, “That Woman,” and it’s simply sad. As dynamic a performer as he is, and as triumphant as his Jazz Fest appearance […]

Notes from Jazz Fest’s Second Weekend

R. Scully’s Rough 7 brought sunshiny good times to Jazz Fest, opening their set at the Acura Stage by singing “I’m Not Insane Anymore” and “Give Up Your Dreams.” Scully […]