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Scandinavian Jazz Church Revival

Do you know anything about Scandinavia? Did you know they are crazy in love with New Orleans jazz? Americans know that Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and sometimes Finland and Iceland) […]

Is Jazz The Brand

As readers of OffBeat, OffBeat.com and the Weekly Beat know, New Orleans is a musical city. But—let’s say the CVB was going to use music to “brand” the city, what […]

Jazz Comes Home to South Rampart Street

New Orleans still doesn’t have its music museum. Over the weekend the Times-Pic reported that a 26,000-square foot space that’s literally within the Saenger Theatre redevelopment on Canal Street is […]

Open Letter to Jazz Journalists of New Orleans

Back in 1986 when my book The Rolling Stone Jazz Record Guide was released, music journalism was an entirely different phenomenon than it is today. Jazz critics had built a firewall […]