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Feet to the fire

It’s time that we hold our city leaders’ feet to the fire on their policies regarding music and culture. Now that Mitch Landrieu has almost officially finished his two terms […]

Those Warm and Fuzzy Feelings

I cannot believe the weather this week—in between Jazz Fest 2010 weekends. It has been so lovely—just more of those picture-perfect days in New Orleans. Am hoping and praying this […]

Music Museum Planned For Canal Street

Guess what? I just heard through the grapevine that the City of New Orleans is going to completely fund the building of a New Orleans Music Museum in the old […]


OK, I’ve been way out of the loop. My computer’s hard drive crashed and burned, along with all my information (back up in the “cloud”, but buying another computer and […]

Please, No More Lip Service

The Mayoral Candidates’ Forum on Music was interesting, but not controversial enough (you know I like to stir things up). Surprisingly, not one of the candidates objected to putting music […]

(Still) Stirring Up The Pot

OffBeat has been pushing for recognition for the music, musicians, arts and cultural businesses in New Orleans for a long time. Along with MusicSwingsVotes.org, we’re sponsoring the first of a […]

Music’s Political Future?

As the year comes to a close, the candidates for the new mayor of New Orleans are declaring their intentions as I write this. In order to run, you have […]