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Impossible Pie

We had some friends over for dinner last week and the discussion turned to pie. So I had to revisit our Katrina story. After the storm, my darling homeless husband […]

Tremé and Davis

Cute but Crazy Davis Rogan called me today to correct me on implying on my last blog that he wasn’t involved in the upcoming HOB Tremé series. He is involved, […]

Happy (Late, Almost Over) Thanksgiving

Did HOB last night for the Project 2010 benefit. Music was great, but the closest thing I heard to a definitive mayoral candidacy was when Harry Shearer got up on […]

Get Off Your Butts and Protest, Please!

I put out a little teaser in today’s WB about a noise ordinance that’s going to be voted on by the New Orleans City Council on November 19, 2009. It […]