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Giving Music Support Some Love

If you read OffBeat or the Weekly Beat or OffBeat.com or check our social media sites, you know what we’re about. We focus a lot on music: live music and […]

Information Geek Finds New Music Where?

I’m sort of an information geek, always have been. My mother used to call me a walking encyclopedia of useless information, because I love facts. In fact, I used to […]

Tell Us What You Want

The ongoing saga of the decimation of the Times-Picayune continues. Like many others in the city, I was glued to the Facebook page “Friends of the Times-Picayune Editorial Staff”. It […]

Dead Papers?

When OffBeat came about, the music business was very different. There were musicians, recording studios, labels, distribution companies, and retail record stores. By the time OffBeat was first published, CDs […]