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Giving Music Support Some Love

If you read OffBeat or the Weekly Beat or OffBeat.com or check our social media sites, you know what we’re about. We focus a lot on music: live music and […]

Open Letter to Jazz Journalists of New Orleans

Back in 1986 when my book The Rolling Stone Jazz Record Guide was released, music journalism was an entirely different phenomenon than it is today. Jazz critics had built a firewall […]

Can We Ever Change?

We learned an important lesson in the past few weeks in regards to the cover of our March issue. As those of you who are old enough to remember, in […]

(Still) Stirring Up The Pot

OffBeat has been pushing for recognition for the music, musicians, arts and cultural businesses in New Orleans for a long time. Along with MusicSwingsVotes.org, we’re sponsoring the first of a […]