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Drago’s Metairie Restaurant’s July 11 Proceeds to Benefit St. Bernard Project

Everyone in New Orleans knows how good Drago’s charbroiled oysters are. They remain one of my favorite treats in the city during my lunchtime excursions with friends. On July 11 […]

Paid in Whiskers

My husband is John Boutté’s piano tuner. He’s a darling, Boutté, and he pays well. Cash plus. Last time it was a pound of fresh shrimp that somebody had brought […]

Farewell To Seafood, As I Once Knew It

An old friend called me today about some advice. We were chatting, as old friends do, and she suggested lunch, which I gladly agreed on. Then she said, “ I […]


I need me some zen. And I don’t mean the absinthe, either. I’m worried about New Orleans and the Louisiana Gulf Coast. There’s an oil spill out there that will […]