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The First Heroine of Louisiana Music

I can’t remember when I first met Maggie Warwick, but it was probably around 1990, when I served on the advisory board of the Louisiana Music Commission, and she was […]

Rock Hall – Not “Exactly” What I Had In Mind

Last weekend, Joseph, Alex and I schlepped up to Cleveland to attend the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s American Music Masters series tribute to Fats Domino and Dave Bartholomew. […]

The Value of Quirks

I’ve long contended that the worst art isn’t the most inept; it’s the most forgettable. The levels of craft may be worlds apart, but Ed Wood films are as entertaining […]

The Endless Whine

When I was on the Faculty Senate at Delgado, one thing I could count on every semester was dissatisfaction with parking. Regardless of the efforts made to improve parking for […]

Stomp, Stomp Conference Schedules Announced

The Trashmen (“Surfin’ Bird”) and Duane Eddy (“Rebel Rouser”) headline the Ponderosa Stomp September 24 and 25 respectively. The annual celebration of the roots of rock ‘n’ roll returns to […]

R&B Icons Play Westbank Benefit Sunday

The Ponderosa Stomp folks recently announced a benefit Sunday from 1 to 6 p.m. for recent inductee into the Westbank Musicians Hall of Fame, Richard Banquer, who’s dealing with cancer. […]

Ponderosa Stomp Performers This Year

Fans of the Ponderosa Stomp were taken aback when it chose to move away from its traditional slot in the week between Jazz Fest weekends. Today, the Stomp announced its […]

Stomp Conference Schedule

  Last year, the Ponderosa Stomp added the Stomp Conference to its schedule – a series of oral histories and panel discussions on the history of rock ‘n’ roll with […]

Going Three for Four with a Walk

  When the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees were announced, I made my predictions for the inductees. Today they were announced and I went three for four. Jeff […]