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Prospect.2: I Love a Parade

I first saw work by artist Bruce Davenport, Jr. in 2008, when his diagram-like illustrations of marching bands had a strong, inexplicable quality to them. Done in colored markers, they […]

Prospect.2: Sophia is Here

One of the site-specific pieces in Prospect.2 didn’t make it in time for opening weekend. Francesco Vezzoli‘s statue “Portrait of Sophia Loren as the Muse of Antiquity (after Giorgio de […]

Prospect.2: Distractions on Parade

Hidden away in the back of the New Orleans Healing Center is a Prospect.2 show by Keith Duncan, whose work borrows from the folk art vocabulary though he has an […]

Prospect.2: Leveling Out

One of Prospect.2‘s signature installations is Pawel Wojtasik‘s “Below Sea Level.” Located in the art gallery on the third floor of Delgado’s main building, it’s a series of videos projected […]

Prospect Huh?

Prospect 1 made its way into New Orleans with substantial fanfare in 2008. Prospect 1.5 hopped out of a boxcar in the dead of night some time last weekend. Prospect […]