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Photo Recap: Hardcore Punk Powerhouse Off! Tears It Up Friday at Tip’s

The mosh pit of yesteryear was alive and well Friday night (September 21) when hardcore punk supergroup Off! took the Tipitina’s stage with a blistering onslaught of sonic aggression — each outburst averaging but a minute long. Helmed by Circle Jerks/Black Flag alum Keith Morris, the L.A. act — which also includes Burning Brides frontman [...]

The Normals, Vacation to Nowhere (Last Laugh Records)

Two extra-musical details: The CD/DVD package for the Normals’ Vacation to Nowhere comes with a set of 3D glasses, and when you pop the disc into iTunes, the genre category says “Religious.” On the surface, neither of these things gives away the sound this New Orleans group captured in a Memphis studio in 1979 as [...]

Creepy Fest Creeps Over New Orleans July 11-15

For those punk fans wondering where their festival calling has been hiding, the fourth-annual Creepy Fest, presented by Sheer Terror Records from July 11-15, will satisfy that itch. The event is a composite of over thirty bands performing all over the city, from the Big Top to the Saturn Bar. Performances include Crotchbreaker, Nassty Habits, [...]

YouTube du Jour: Jonathan Richman

Jonathan Richman is a progenitor of punk rock. He’s been making records since the early ‘70s, although for younger generations he may be most recognizable for his role as half of the Greek Chorus in the 1998 Farrelly Brothers’ film There’s Something About Mary. A rock veteran though, Richman has recorded over 20 studio albums [...]

Debauche’s Gulag Songs

Singer and guitarist Yegor Romantsov, leader of New Orleans’ “Russian Mafia Band,” Debauche, has his doubters. Romantsov’s particular Russian charm and accent, both onstage and off, are so thick that some think it’s a put-on. “They hear me on the radio and they picture me with a big beard, a big bear-fur hat and a [...]

Community Records Block Party: On the Block

“It’s better than Christmas,” says Community Records’ co-founder Daniel “D-Ray” Ray of the punk/indie label’s annual Block Party, which is set to take place for the fifth straight year on April 21 outside The Big Top. For the guys at Community Records and admirers of the music, the two-stage, 26-band event represents one day to [...]

Bill Davis of Dash Rip Rock

Dash Rip Rock holds many distinctions, one of which is that they’re reported to be the band that has played every South By Southwest. It might not be true, but it’s a good legend. Dash has been on the verge of something bigger, then it became the cult band whose diehards reunite once a year [...]

YouTube du Jour: Un Heard Of, A New Orleans Underground Rock Documentary

New Orleans always has waves of underground rock scenes, and throughout the 1990s there was a small but fertile scene centered around lower Magazine Street venues the R.C. Bridge Lounge and Abstract Book Shop & Cafe. Un Heard Of is a documentary about that time, by veteran drummer Jody Smith (Dash Rip Rock, The Bad [...]

February 2012 Letters

JOHNNY AND SCOTT I first came across OffBeat back in the 1990s. I had discovered this new singer,

Community Records Block Party DVD Release and Screening

Back during Springtime, Community Records held a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise money for recording their annual April Block Party festival (photos from this year’s Block Party) for an eventual DVD release. After long wait, on Tuesday and Wednesday, December 13 and 14, the local punk/ska/indie record label is throwing release parties for the DVD. [...]