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So Sad

  I heard this morning that Antoinette K-Doe died of a heart attack last night. All my confirmations have been secondhand, but now the Mother-in-Law Lounge is my Mardi Gras […]

Best and Worst

  Best Mardi Gras dining experience: Name-your-own-cheese cheeseburger grilled at St James Cheese Company on Lundi Gras. A rich Roquefort melting on a medium rare burger is a special thing. […]

How to Add Drama to Mardi Gras

  BeauSoleil’s David Doucet rides in Mid-City, but the band’s tour ended last night in Iowa. Since yesterday morning, he’s been Twittering about his activities trying to get home. This […]

Out of Step

  After the country rejected the Imperial Presidency, Nagin seems to want the Imperial Mayoralty. And people seem ready to help it happen, or at least not get in the […]

Ennui Setting In Already

Superfly Productions just released its lineup of night time shows during Jazz Fest: Friday, April 24th 2009 Garage a Trois with Kirk Joseph’s 504 Brass Band Riverboat Creole Queen – […]

Go Technology!

  Last night, it seemed that adding the stretch of Magazine from Jefferson to Napoleon added 45 or so minutes to the parade route. WDSU has a brilliant solution for […]

Sad News

  We  just heard that Snooks Eaglin passed away this afternoon. More when we know more.

How Has this Taken So Long?

  With wireless technology being what it is, why did it take until this weekend and St. Stanislaus Academy to bring the electric bass to Mardi Gras? In the middle […]

A Snag

  I was really excited by the new ‘tit Rex Parade – the first Mardi Gras microkrewe with shoebox floats pulled by remote control cars. When Bacchus, Orpheus, Muses and […]

“Together We Are Tiny”

  I am totally intrigued by the ‘tit Rex Parade – the World’s first Mardi Gras microkrewe, where shoebox floats will be pulled by motorized cars. It starts Saturday night […]