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French Quarter Fest 2013 Focus: Creole String Beans

When is a cover band not a cover band? When the covers they play are so cool and so obscure that it takes some kind of brilliance to even dig them up. Such is the repertoire of the Creole String Beans, who specialize in the late-‘50s/early-‘60s heyday of New Orleans R&B and swamp pop. Their [...]

Rick Olivier of the Creole String Beans Hits the Spot at Pho Tau Bay

Pho Tau Bay 113 Westbank Expressway (504) 368-9846 I see you’re not scared of jalapeños. I like to put one in. And plenty of sriracha, the hot sauce, and some lime juice. It’s like a tonic; clears your head. What’s in your bowl? Pho tai, the noodle soup, with the beef medium rare. Why Pho [...]

Creole String Beans, Shrimp Boots and Vintage Suits (Threadhead Records)

Really, is there more to life than Shrimp Boots and Vintage Suits? The shrimp boots, a symbol of life here on the Gulf of Mexico, sum up that rocking Gulf Coast sound that made for hit after hit in studios from Rampart Street to Crowley. This quartet with honking horns (including baritone saxophone, the Gulf [...]

The Gravy: In the Kitchen with Rick Olivier

I was kind of an afterthought in my family. My parents were both 43 when I was born and I have three older sisters. Consequently, my mom spoiled me. Did not have to cook for myself at all. Then I went to college and ended up getting really hungry. ‘Wow, I have got to learn [...]

Creole Stringbeans, Creole Stringbeans (Stringbeans)

When I moved here in the late 1970s from a country with a maple leaf on its flag, there were bandslike the Creole String Beans all over the New Orleans area. On any given Saturday night, you could walk by an Uptown corner bar and hear a band play a creditable version of “Mathilda,” visit [...]

NewsBeat May 1990

So where do we begin to talk about the glories of Jazz Fest? We guess this issue says it all: our biggest and best (at least we hope you think so) yet. Jazz Fest is Christmas time for all music lovers in the city…a veritable orgy of the stuff, along with food, good feelings and [...]