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YouTube du Jour: Tatsuya Nakatani

Tonight, Japanese percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani will perform a show of improvised music upstairs at the Blue Nile as part of the Open Ears Series with Rob Cambre and Donald Miller. Nakatani employs a series of gongs, bowls and self-made instruments that are bowed or played in uncommon ways. Here he is in a solo performance [...]

Unchained Melodies: Improvised Music in New Orleans

For a drummer, Justin Peake spends very little time at his kit. A few judicious taps on the cymbal, then it’s off to his laptop, where the sound is captured and electronically perpetuated as an evolving series of digital blips and screeches. Sitting back, he lets computerized processes take their course, intervening with a few [...]

Rough Seven, Give Up Your Dreams (Upper Ninth Records)

In a live setting, former Morning 40 Federation member Ryan Scully’s new band Rough Seven is a ball-peen hammer, raging blows from ragged craftsmen shaking the studs in your walls, but on their debut album Give Up Your Dreams, we get to feel what’s behind the swing of their blunt instrument. Scully and crew (guitar [...]

Voodoo 2009: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning with R. Scully

Ryan Scully’s got the cure for what ails you. But he’s also part of the disease that afflicts your “sin-sick soul.” On Halloween night, he closes out Voodoo’s Bingo! Parlour with a one-night only reunion of the Morning 40 Federation, the sin-sickest bunch of miscreants ever to emerge from the Lower Ninth Ward. Come Sunday [...]