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Oozing Treme

An ongoing concern about Treme is how it plays to an audience that isn’t pre-sold on New Orleans. Season two has started in England, where the second episode recently aired. There as here, the show seems to inspire weekly recaps; What Culture finished its wrap-up: Treme is possibly the best-written show on TV at present [...]

Treme Returns with Hard Times and Poetry

The second season of Treme begins with a coda to last season, and it sets the tone for a harder year. As traumatic as the fall of 2005 was, in many ways 2006 was more painful as it became clear that recovery was not going to happen quickly, and the recovery efforts that came through [...]

Treme News: A Preview of Season Two

Spoiler Alert of sorts: Here’s HBO’s preview of season two, which represents the fall of 2006 through spring of 2007. It fills us in on the status of Treme‘s characters and their storylines to start the season. This doesn’t give away much, but if you want to come to season two completely fresh, skip this. [...]