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Fake News

How many restaurants are there in New Orleans now? New restaurants bloomed five years out from Katrina, as did the overall population, but all at once it seems that restaurants […]

Buh-Bye General Lee?

The City of New Orleans finally has the go-ahead via court order to remove the monuments to the Confederacy at Lee Circle, the P.G.T. Beauregard statue at the roundabout in […]

Pay attention

Have you noticed any changes in your ability to concentrate? Pay attention? Filter out unwanted (or not urgent) stuff in your consciousness so that you can attend to it later […]

The Curmudgeon and the Millennial

I admit it. I’m becoming a curmudgeon. But I love having a business where I can get the opportunity to work with and get the opinions of people who are […]

Virtual Voodoo

[Updated] This year, the Voodoo Experience alternately engaged and enraged fans as its trickled out its talent lineup an artist at a time via Twitter. Starting this morning, the festival’s […]

Loving our Digital Selves

One thing the Americana music community shares with enthusiasts for New Orleans music is a belief in its intrinsic goodness, and a sense that the goodness should be enough. In […]