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Lil’ Band O’ Gold Hits the Road with Robert Plant

Even swamp pop supergroups have their Led Zeppelin fantasies. And Lil’ Band O’Gold will get to live out theirs when they play a string of dates this summer as Robert Plant’s opening act, including the Mahalia Jackson Theater on July 17. No doubt they’ll wind up onstage together, as they did at Tipitina’s in 2007. [...]

Holding Court with The Band Courtbouillon

Pop quiz: How many accordion players does it take to screw in a light bulb? Three — one to screw it in and two to say they could do it better. In Cajun music and zydeco, the joke would be funny if it weren’t so true. Accordion players are kings, musical quarterbacks who go home [...]

Wayne Toups: Movie Star?

The Pine Leaf Boys‘ Wilson Savoy is taking on a new role—filmmaker—as he makes a documentary about Cajun music star Wayne Toups. The two play in the Band Courtbouillon with Steve Riley, and Savoy has started a Kickstarter project to help fund the documentary.   What is your relationship to Wayne Toups? I’ve known about [...]

John and Jane Vidrine, Recollections (Independent)

What most people don’t realize about Cajun music is that it was a family tradition long before it was played professionally. Such is the case here with John and Jane Vidrine (of Magnolia Sisters fame), whose charming collection of traditional Cajun fare and three originals resemble a sonic family photo album. The tradition that the [...]

New Carnival Music from Galactic

Galactic has finished a new album, Carnivale Electricos which puts a new spin on the Carnival record by musically addressing not only Mardi Gras but Carnival in Brazil. This time around, the large stable of musical guests includes Louisiana artists Al “Carnival Time” Johnson, Big Chief Juan Pardo, Corey Henry, John Michael Rouchell, Maggie Koerner, [...]

Wayne Toups, Steve Riley, Wilson Savoy, The Band Courtbouillon (Valcour Records)

There’s never been a recording quite like this one. Three highly accomplished Cajun revivalists—each representing a successive generation, each a musical pioneer, and each a highly respected bandleader in his own right—spontaneously coming together in an informal setting to pay their mutual respects to a musical heritage that has now become their shared inheritance. They [...]

Treme Wrap-Up: Coconuts and Shoes

[SPOILER ALERT] Jazz Fest may display the city’s finest talents, but Mardi Gras puts an essential characteristic of the city on display. David Simon and Eric Overmyer’s script for this week’s episode illustrates how ritual gives events meaning, and how it provides a starting point for improvisation. Nothing highlighted this like the montage of the [...]

David Greely: Playboy No More

It was a cybershot heard around the Cajun world when an email sent to Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys’ distribution list in early February announced the retirement of the band’s David Greely. The fiddler’s last Mamou Playboy gig will occur on Mardi Gras Day in Eunice, Louisiana, capping a 23-year-run from when Greely co-founded [...]

Promises, Promises

On the surface, The Promised Land: A Swamp Pop Journey is the tale of Lil’ Band O’ Gold trying to make a splash in a world of fads and mud puddle-shallow products. It contrasts this struggle to making music with the joys of standing in front of a Saturday night crowd. The film collects snapshots [...]

Various Artists, Downtown Alive! 25th Anniversary Compilation (Downtown Lafayette Unlimited)

Downtown Lafayette has come a long way in the last quarter century to have the thriving nightlife and art scene it does today. The Friday night free concert series “Downtown Alive!” (DTA!) was instrumental in its revitalization, attracting all-age crowds back into the central business district after the 5 o’ clock exodus of the worker [...]