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Helping Those in Need

Joseph and I live in Central City, and every day we ride down Oretha Castle Haley Blvd (formerly Dryades) on our usual route to work and back. So we literally […]

The Obvious Next Step

My fear after Hurricane Katrina was that the vacant houses and closed projects would create the real estate vacuum that would allow Treme to be gentrified to the point that […]

Let’s Talk (and Talk and Talk) about Noise

At last night’s New Orleans Neighborhood Policing Anti-Crime Council meeting in the French Quarter’s Maison Dupuy, approximately 50 people gathered to talk about the noise ordinance and music curfew. Eighth […]

More Input on Musical “Noise”

In my “Mojo Mouth” column this month in the print version of OffBeat, I address the noise issue that’s been a part of the New Orleans music culture forever. I […]

Say Something

During the Nagin Administration, the mayor’s voice was noticeably absent from discussions of almost any issue that affected the music and second line culture in New Orleans. Now that noise […]